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Shooter McGavin actor to avoid jail time for DUI, might still make the Tour Championship

Christopher McDonald has appeared in nearly 200 films, yet he will forever be known as Shooter McGavin, his legendary character in the incredibly unrealistic golf classic, Happy Gilmore, which imagines what golf would be like if Beef won major championships. Clearly, LAPD have never seen the movie.

Back in October 2017, McGavin McDonald was arrested for drunk driving in the Lake Arrowhead area of Los Angeles, according to a report from TMZ, who obtained his all-time mugshot.


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The 62-year-old actor reportedly lost control of his Porsche and crashed into a gas meter at around 9 p.m. local time. Before cops took him into custody, an eyewitness says McDonald told them he appeared in Happy Gilmore. Let's see how it played out for him:


Believe it or not, L.A.'s finest were not amused, and took McDonald to a local jail to sober up before he can be released without bail. Now, nearly 18-months later, the 64-year-old actor has managed to (mostly) avoid jail time for his accident and subsequent DUI after being sentenced to 35 hours of community service, three years of summary probation, an alcohol education program and a single day in jail on Wednesday.

Considering this isn't the first time McDonald has been arrested for drunk driving—in 2013, TMZ reported he was nabbed for driving while intoxicated—he can consider himself lucky. Here's hoping Shooter learns his lesson this time and doesn't really hurt himself (or drive his car straight into the TV tower).