Travelers Championship

TPC River Highlands

Tough Start

Guy shatters clubhouse window with first tee shot of the day, might need to find new club now

The first tee shot of the day can be a tough one. You’re cold. You’re still thinking about that guy who cut you off on the way to the course. There’s a queue waiting for their tee times taking side bets on if you'll even skull it past the forward tees. But have heart. Next time you’re out there, back stiff, trying to shake off the day and put one in the fairway, just remember that no matter what you do, it can't be worse than this. Sound up.

First swing of the day and somehow this dude manages to shank it 90 degrees dead right, shattering a clubhouse window in the process. As far as round openers go, this is one of the most brutal we’ve ever seen. Nobody would blame this guy for putting his driver quietly back in his bag, walking straight to his car, and driving until he hits Mexico border. You’re essentially a fugitive at this point

There is one sliver of good news, however: Once you hit rock bottom, the only direction to go is up. We don’t know if this guy stuck it out and finished his round or if he immediately entered witness protection and is now living in Malibu under the name “Sven,” but whatever the case, his worst days—or at the very least his worst tee shot—are behind him.