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Golfer misses short putt to lose friendly 64(!)-man "Ryder Cup" in heartbreaking fashion, chaos ensues

September 18, 2023

If next week's actual Ryder Cup has even half the drama this friendly one had, golf fans are in for a real treat.

One (large) group of buddies does an annual two-day team event and this year's competition was the closest yet. Like the famed 1991 Ryder Cup, AKA the "War By The Shore," this 64(!)-man tournament came down to the final putt—with some poor guy playing the role of Bernhard Langer.

Have a look as the Blue Team golfer suffers a brutal lipout from four feet away to lose—and send the Red Team storming the green in celebration:

That's a rough way to lose. And the butt slap definitely wasn't necessary. But what a scene! And the explanation from the original poster, Reddit user ClarkMeshey and Blue Team captain, makes it all make even more sense.

According to him, most of these guys go way, way back, but this was only the fourth year of the event and the Blue Team had won the first three in blowout fashion. So the Red squad was pretty pumped to win 24.5-23.5. Also, trash talking is part of the fun, and, not surprisingly, there was a lot of drinking going on. Sounds like a good time. That must have been one heckuva celebation at the bar after.

And for those wondering about the excessive celebration, apparently the group is tight with the course's owner, who was in attendance. So no harm, no foul there. Oh yeah, and the event also raises money for charity.

In other words, there were no real losers here. Not even the guy who three-putted from 25 feet to lose the cup for his 32-man team. Keep your head up, big guy.