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The most legendary hairdos (and don’ts) in golf history

April 26, 2021

Golf is a game steeped in traditional values. In almost every facet, it rewards careful consideration and punishes impulsivity . . . except when it comes to hair care. There, sprouting out beneath hats, popping up beyond visors and crawling down over collars, lies a universe of follicle frenzy and experimentation Old Tom Morris’ beard only dreamed of. It is a necessary bit of self expression in a sport that frowns upon it—a drop of perfectly harmless rebellion in a place that stamps it out. It gives life to the old adage “look good, feel good, play good,” even if you’re the only one who thinks you look good. So in that spirit, raise a fistful of pomade to the sky and join us as we relive the long, messy, sometimes spiked, often frosted history of glorious golf hair. May God have mercy on your barber.

Cameron Smith - The BYOB Party in the Back

Ian Poulter - The Oreo Blizzard

Matthew Stockman

Ian Poulter - The Red Velvet

Stephen Munday

Larry Nelson - Horseshoes and Hand Grenades


Miguel Angel Jimenez - Business

Stacy Revere

Miguel Angel Jimenez - Pleasure

Tracy Wilcox

Rory McIlroy - The Sheepdog

Ian Walton

John Daly - The Greatest Hit

Focus On Sport

John Daly - The B-Side

PGA TOUR Photo Services

Tiger Woods - From the (Frosted) Tips


Brooks Koepka - The Quarantine

Brooks Koepka - The Quarantine Pt. 2

Rickie Fowler - The Biebs

David Cannon

Rickie Fowler - The Orange Crush

Scott Halleran

Rickie Fowler - The Olympian

Bernhard Langer - The Burn-Hard

David Cannon

Andres Gonzales - The Hat Head


Victor Dubuisson - The Flop Shot

David Cannon

Craig Stadler - I Am the Walrus

Augusta National

Robert Rock - The McDreamy

Andrew Redington

Jake McLeod - The Undercover Mullet

Aitor Alcalde