U.S. Open

Pinehurst Resort & Country Club (Course No. 2)

Tongue Lashing

This golf 'fight' featured exactly zero punches thrown but was still entertaining as hell to watch

We'd be lying if we said the phrase "golf fight" didn't make us immediately perk up. Altercations on the course lead to some of our most-viewed content, so much so that we were able to do a compilation post of the craziest ones we've ever seen just a few months ago. For some reason, the course, generally an "escape" for most, has become a place for violence, both verbal and physical (often a combination of the two).

This latest tussle features no actual tussling, just a whole lot of yelling, kicking and screaming by a couple of grown adults on what appears to be a crisp fall morning, indicating this is an older clip that's just gone viral. If fisticuffs are your thing, then this is not the golf fight for you. But if a good ol' fashioned war of words is, then this one is right up your alley. The beauty of this verbal duel is that you can hear literally every word LOUDLY and clearly. The acoustics on "Hole 7" at this particular course are impeccable:

With most of these viral golf fights, it's often difficult to know exactly what led up to them and who is in the wrong and who is in the right. That's seemingly not the case here. Clearly, the man in the grey Q-zip and khaki pants (certainly a style decision) says "I SAID I DIDN'T SEE YOU, I'M SORRY," which implies that prior to the camera operator hitting record, he made an effort to apologize for hitting into the twosome in front because he didn't see them.  

Apparently, that was not enough for the twosome, who refused to stop holding their hands up in disgust despite the man in grey's profuse apology, according to him. While it does seem like he's in the right, it is possible he had already hit one too close to the twosome on one of the six holes prior, leading to them reaching their breaking point. Just playing devil's advocate. 

Ultimately, it's impossible not to side with the man in grey when, at the 1:13 mark, the woman from the twosome says "man, all you had to do was say you were sorry." Ummm, I think he did? Multiple times? That leads us to believe the twosome was begging for this by dragging it out and not just accepting the apology. The worst type of people are the ones who think they are teaching you some lesson that you already know. Solution for all of this - everybody should just chill the F out.