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Golf cop Joel Dahmen now going after the NBA for not enforcing rules

January 04, 2019
John Deere Classic - Final Round

Streeter Lecka

There are two types of people in this world: Those who follow the rules and those who break them...and Joel Dahmen is a card-carrying chapter president of the former. You may remember Joel from his 25-minute on-course saga at the Quicken Loans National last summer, where he accused Sung Kang of lying about his ball crossing a lateral hazard and then subsequently taking a bad drop that he believed should have never been awarded in the first place. After the round, he clarified his position on Twitter while presumably ironing pleats into his khakis:

Needless to say, when it comes to the Integrity of the Game™, the man is not playing around. Not content to simply take on the heathen cesspool that is the PGA Tour, however, on Thursday night Dahmen set his sights on even greater foe—the NBA. DRAIN. THE. SWAMP! DRAIN. THE. SWAMP!

Admittedly, Dahmen does have a bit of a point here. One need only look at James Harden's so-called "step back" from a weeks ago or this ridiculous blown out-of-bounds call from the Warriors-Rockets game on Thursday to see that. But we're picking on Dahmen because, well, human nature dictates that we have a little fun with people who can't have any. This dude probably hands his ID to Applebee's waitresses who forget to card him and once tried to pull over a State Trooper for forgetting his turn signal. That said, without people like Joel, the streets would be quite literally on fire, so keep fighting the good fight, buddy.