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James Harden is so used to traveling that he can't even admit this blatant travel was a travel

December 18, 2018

While many star NBA players turned getting away with traveling into an art form over the years, few have done it with the sheer frequency and efficiency of James Harden. The man is the master of the moonwalk, the colossus of carry, the sultan of steps, the duke of double dribble. Ok, you get it. The guy travels, a lot. And yes, so do a lot of NBA players, but none as blatantly as Harden. His latest submission into the traveling WALK of fame (boom, roasted) came on Monday night against the Utah Jazz. Behold, the double-step-back-three-to-get-a-cheap-foul move:

That's right, the refs called a foul on Ricky Rubio on this play. A foul! Harden is difficult enough to guard when he is playing within the rules let alone when he's doing the elusive double step back. It's so blatant at this point that it seems reckless on Harden's part, but he's gotten so used to it that he won't even admit it when it's this obvious.

“What do you want me to say? Tell on myself?” Harden said to ESPN.

At least he didn't deny it completely. Rubio had a slightly different take:

Harden strolled his way to another huge night, scoring 47 points and adding five boards, five steals, six assists and two gigantic steps for mankind.