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Golden Tate praises Eli Manning, then daggers the QB about taking money off him on the golf course

June 04, 2019
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Ben Jared

Poor Eli Manning.

First, the New York Giants draft his heir apparent in Daniel Jones with the sixth (SIXTH!) overall pick in the NFL Draft.

Now, the team’s new receiver Golden Tate has welcomed himself by apparently getting in Eli’s pockets on the golf course.

“I really enjoy being around Eli,” Tate said in a Giants Insider video on the team’s website as Tate described his relationship with the (for now) starting quarterback. “We spent time — obviously in the building — but also outside of here playing golf. And I love his sense of humor.”

Asked by host Madelyn Burke who the better golfer is, Tate, whose grandfather was an avid golfer and who himself carries an impressive 7.6 handicap after becoming golf obsessed during his collegiate days playing football and baseball at Notre Dame, looked sheepishly into the camera before dropping a nice dig.

“Um, I mean, my score’s been better the two times we’ve played, so,” he said of Manning, who has an index of 9.3 (six strokes higher than big brother Peyton).

“There ya go, but it’s all good times, right?” Burke responded.

“Yeah,” said Tate before delivering the dagger. “I’m just taking a few bucks off him here and there. Nothing wrong with that.”