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Giant Jimmy Graham and tiny Packers athletic trainer unveil best Halloween buddy costume ever

October 29, 2019

Unless you're one of three people without Instagram or a Jehovah's Witness, you're no doubt painfully aware that we are currently in throes of Halloween. Everywhere you look, there's a Bring it On cheerleader and another guy with his d*ck in a box; around every corner, packs of feral chihuahua Grittys chasing some poor soul who just phoned it in and painted whiskers on their face. It's a week of cultural thrills and chills for every costume agnostic on earth, but even they—protectors of solemnity and defenders of boring—will have no choice but to crack a smile at the buddy get-up Green Bay Packers tight end Jimmy Graham and assistant athletic Nate Weir cooked up for their Halloween fright fest.

As you've probably already deduced, that's Aaron Judge and José Altuve, AL foes who just faced off in the ALCS earlier this month. The costume, which uses both Graham and Weir's god-given physiques to perfection, is probably a more welcome sight for Astros fans, who watched Altuve blast a walk-off homer to clinch the AL Pennant, but even Yankees fans should get some minor joy out of it (provided they're not too busy sending angry emails to Hal Steinbrenner about being perennial World Series contenders, of course.)

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the prehistoric rock monster bodies required to play professional sports, however, Jimmy Graham's Halloween costume isn't the first time we've seen a fellow athlete given Aaron Judge a go on All Hallow's Eve. Last year, Magic forward Aaron Gordon also dressed up as 99 for Halloween and the resemblance was disturbingly uncanny...

Given the height requirements, José Altuve is a slightly rarer find, but props to Weir for not going as Bagel Boss. Society thanks you.