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Aaron Gordon dressed up a Aaron Judge for Halloween and yep, they're definitely the same person

October 31, 2018

The two-sport athlete is a dying breed. From the time kids are eight, they're being trained to be bullpen bridge guys and third-down edge rushers, morphing into highly specialized cyborgs by the time they hit JV. But not Magic power forward Aaron Gordon because Magic power forward Aaron Gordon is also definitely Aaron Judge. Sorry, Prime, but we'll be expecting the return of your two-sport crown by EOD Thursday...

Now the internet will try to tell you this is a Halloween costume, but we know better. We know that Tupac is sipping Mai Tais with Elvis and Bigfoot in the Bermuda Triangle right now. We know why Jordan actually played baseball and that an Orioles games was once cancelled because Cal Ripken Jr. was too busy beating up Kevin Costner to make it to the park. We choose to believe and that's why we're going to leave you with one simple question:

Has anyone ever seen Aaron Gordon and Aaron Judge in the same room...together?

Yeah, we did't think so. Now if you'll excuse us, we have a coffee date with a former Roswell janitor that we just can't miss.