Minshew Mania

Gardner Minshew should win the starting job over No. 1 pick Trevor Lawrence based off this quote alone

Not since Andrew Luck has there been a more NFL-ready quarterback prospect than No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence. Barring a preseason injury, he will be starting for the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 1 when they take on the Cleveland Browns.

But if you think that means former Jags start Gardner Minshew is going down without a fight, you are sorely, sorely mistaken. Minshew has been competing for the starting signal-caller job his entire football life, his hard work finally paying off in the form of a 38-touchdown, 4,776-yard senior season at Washington State, which earned him some much needed NFL Draft stock. He was taken in the sixth round by Jacksonville in 2019, eventually starting 12 games for them and posting a 6-6 record as the starter. Year two was not as kind to Minshew, but the 25-year-old is still on the roster and grinding away. 

His dedication has apparently reached new heights recently, as Minshew set to battle it out with Lawrence when training camp starts later this week. The third-year QB was on former NFL defensive end Chris Long's podcast last week, and he revealed just how far he's willing to go to win the job:

If you've heard some of Minshew's legendary quotes in the past, this is not surprising at all, and also very likely not true. Actually, we really, really hope it's not true, because it's flat out unhealthy to not go ... never mind. 

True or not, we know Minshew is going down SWINGING for this job. Remember, this is a guy who once took a hammer to his own hand, in the hopes of breaking his own hand, so he could get a medical redshirt. He will do literally anything to win the job, including not going ... never mind.