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Pray for the T-shirt Shawn Kemp was wearing at the Seattle Kraken's expansion draft

During his prime, Shawn Kemp was one of the most physically-gifted/chiseled players in the NBA. Those days are sadly long gone.

Listen, there's absolutely zero wrong with that. Kemp is now 51 years old, and he's been out of the NBA for nearly two decades. If you don't let yourself go as you get older, you are simply doing life wrong, especially when half your life is dedicated to becoming a professional athlete, and sustaining that life for a long period of time. Guys like Kemp and Charles Barkley earned the right to order that second baconator. Or, in Kemp's case, a third baconator:

Good LORD did they do the Reign Man wrong. In case anyone is wondering where these pictures are from, the Seattle Kraken, the NHL's newest expansion team, had its expansion draft last night. In a stroke of genius, they brought Seattle Supersonics legends Kemp and Gary Payton out to announce a few of the picks, and, unfortunately, they only had a adult-smedium-sized shirt for Kemp to rep the squad. 

Even better, was that Kemp mangled one of the pick's names while the shirt mangled his entire torso:

Ahh, so close. Kemp was technically announcing the selection of Joonas Donskoi (pronounced DAWN-SKOY), or, as Kemp pronounced it, Discowwy. What a few minutes for Kemp. Seattle is so back.