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Florida high schooler attempts to RKO principal, gets promptly arrested

WrestleMania 35's cold, dead carcass may finally be in the ground, but its reverberations are still being felt in trailer parks and high school cafeterias across America. Many good men and women of this nation remain blissfully unaware of wrestling's massive cultural influence, of course. It's something for children, they scoff while a WrestleMania alumnus sits in the Oval Office. It can't happen here, they say, while just down the street from their Chip and Joanna-adorned suburban confines 18-year-old Gianny Sosa of Miami Southridge Senior High School is sitting in court after trying to RKO his principal. Check out this week's most athletic display of delinquency here:

While absolutely hilarious. this wasn't exactly a laughing matter for Sosa and principal Humberto Miret, who, according to WPLG Local 10 News, was "adamant about pursuing charges" of battery on a school official and interference with an educational institution. There's a backstory here we're not getting all of, especially given that both reports and videos suggest that Miret may have initiated the physical contact, but for now let's just focus on that finisher.

For those of you not already familiar with the iconic RKO, it rose to fame as the signature move of Randy Orton before gaining serious meme traction on the internet years later. Its zenith of popularity was circa 2015, but with Sosa's antics already going viral, perhaps yet another RKO renaissance is in the offing.

As for Sosa, he could yet be in A LOT of trouble for this—and we strongly advise AGAINST trying it at home, kids—but at least the judge seemed to see the humor in it...

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