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Fan tries to narc on Ian Poulter putting with flagstick in, predictably gets mocked by Poulter and others

January 25, 2019

Golf media outlets, including us, have harped on the new rule allowing golfers to putt with the flagstick in nearly non-stop since the New Year. First, there was the Bryson DeChambeau craze, then a European Tour pro test, and all along everyone from Tiger Woods to your weekend playing partners have been asked what their flagstick strategy will be. I thought we'd beaten the coverage to death, but apparently, at least one golf fan still wasn't aware of any such rule existing.

While watching the European Tour's Dubai Desert Classic, this out-of-the-loop viewer named Rob (possibly) tried to narc on Ian James Poulter for putting with the pin in. Whoops.

And the responses, including from Poulter, were what you'd expect:

And if you're wondering, this guy wasn't kidding:

Don't beat yourself up too much, Rob. But seriously, you might need to pay attention more. Here, read of up on the new rules with this helpful link. Oh, and by the way, you're not allowed to narc on tour pros on TV as of last year. Sorry.