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Fan shares memory of the Uber ride he received from Baker Mayfield

April 30, 2018

After days weeks months of 24/7 NFL Draft coverage, you undoubtedly know that Baker Mayfield is the ultimate underdog. The quarterback went from being a walk-on at Texas Tech to winning the Heisman Trophy at Oklahoma, and then becoming the No. 1 pick by the Cleveland Browns on Thursday. To say Mayfield's road to the NFL is unusual would be an understatement -- especially since it involved him navigating actual roads in Norman, Ok., as an Uber driver for parts of two years while he played for the Sooners.

That's right, the guy who will ink a four-year, $32.5 million deal with the Browns was just a broke college kid hoping for $1 tips less than a couple years ago. Here's proof, courtesy of someone who got a ride from the future top pick.

From 3-star recruit to 5-star Uber driver to the star of an NFL franchise. What a ride, am I right?