2018 Winter Olympics

Fall head over heels for the Norwegian curling team's Valentine's Day pants

February 14, 2018
Curling - Winter Olympics Day 5
Dean Mouhtaropoulos

The Norwegian curling team goes about as hard in the occipital-lobe-liquefying pants paint as Billy Horschel. If it will please the court...

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C


On Wednesday—which just so happens to be Valentine's Day for those of you who just slammed your laptop shut and took off in a dead sprint toward the nearest Hallmark—however, the Norway curling team outdid not only themselves, but the fashion industry as a whole, taking to the PyeongChang ice clad in these heart-pounding pantaloons:

Yes, these are actual pants worn by actual athletes at an actual Olympics in at least one actual timeline of our existence. They are also—despite Team USA's board-related dominance, the discovery of Russia's Hottest Curler, and the incredible success of out athletes across the Games—perhaps the best thing we've seen at said Olympics thus far. So feast your eyes, feel the love, and make sure to stay with The Loop for all your hard-hitting curling news:

Dean Mouhtaropoulos
Dean Mouhtaropoulos
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