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Everybody freak out, Danielle Kang and Maverick McNealy are a thing now

January 18, 2019
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Every year from October to March, the world plunges into cuffing season—a five-month span when the weather gets cold, the PGA calendar slows to a trickle, and seemingly every available human on earth begins looking for that special someone to get caught up on Better Call Saul with. Enter LPGA quote factory Danielle Kang, who, despite her best efforts, revealed to Golf Channel on Thursday that she and up-and-comer Maverick McNealy are, indeed, a thing now. Go on, get it out of your system...


After closely analyzing McNealy's every move while mic'd up at the Great Exuma Classic earlier this week, Kang was asked to review his performance, to which she responded “He’s a dork. But he’s my dork.” Aw (x infinity).

The pair both live in Las Vegas and apparently met at The Summit Club. They've bonded over Kang's dislike of country music and McNealy's love of it, which has come in handy since Kang is currently playing with country duo Brice and Swindell at the inaugural Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions this week. "He sends me lots of cute songs," she says of the Jay-Z to golf's new Bey-Z. Whether or not she enjoyed said cute songs remains another question for another time.

Kang and McNealy join Martin and Gerina Piller and Bobby Cole and Laura Baugh (if you're old enough to remember that) in the very exclusive LPGA/PGA Romance Club. Stay tuned for more as this story develops heading into Valentine's Day.