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Tour pro says he won't wash his hand after meeting Tiger Woods and breaking course record

November 22, 2018

Tiger Woods will take on Phil Mickelson in The Match on Friday, but he had a profound effect on another Thanksgiving week round of golf on Wednesday. Woods crossed paths with fellow tour pro Maverick McNealy on the range at The Madison Club, and McNealy wound up breaking the course record. Here's how McNealy's dad, Scott, tells it:

Sorry, Ben Crane. You had a good run, though, with that 64, especially considering how many tour pros play The Madison Club — including Mickelson, who has a house at the posh club.

But back to Maverick. Not gonna wash your hand, eh? A bit gross, but also an understandable reaction from anyone meeting Tiger, even a rising star who happens to share Woods' record for wins at Stanford. We just hope he used the other hand to high-five his playing partners during that memorable round. . .