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Evander Kane cold-cocking the hell out of Brendan Lemieux likely brought a smile to many hockey fans' faces

February 16, 2022

Brendan Lemieux is the quintessential "you'd love him if he was on your team!" guy, the implication being that the only way anyone could possibly root for him is if he was wearing your team's jersey. He's the plug of all plugs. His value to whatever team he plays for is pissing the opposition off, by biting them, chirping them, being generally annoying, etc. He'll do whatever it takes to generate a reaction, which you do have to appreciate (a little).

On Tuesday night, the L.A. Kings winger was up to his usual antics, and new Edmonton Oiler Evander Kane—equally hated by NHL fans—had had enough. With a minute and change remaining in the second period, the two met near the Kings bench and got in each other's grills. Whatever Lemieux said (he has plenty of chirp material when it comes to Kane's off-the-ice issues), Kane wasn't having, so he cold-cocked the sh-t out of him and Lemieux sold it and he sold it HARD:

POW, right in the kisser. Yes, Lemieux sold this one, but that's still a big-ol' sock right to the mouth. Couldn't have felt good:

As this commentator explained, Lemieux technically won this battle, getting Kane to go to the box for two minutes. But's Kane's Oilers won the war, laying the smackdown on L.A., 5-2. So was it really worth getting popped in the mouth? Nope. 

As many were quick to point out on social media, it takes a real SOB to get people to root for Kane in any situation. A true "worst person you know made a great point" meme playing out in real life.