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Time For Bed

A dead tired, probably hungover Sean McVay had a hilarious reaction to having to answer more than three questions at a presser

February 15, 2022

Unlike many of his counterparts, L.A. Rams head coach Sean McVay is still a pretty young guy. He's also in great shape and absolutely FULL of energy. All this is to say, the man can most definitely still hang at a party.

That was put to the test in the post-Super Bowl festivities, a test McVay appeared to pass with flying colors, pulling an all-nighter as one does after winning the big one. But while the rest of us peons would be able to scarf down a greasy breakfast and subsequently crash for 8-9 hours the following morning, McVay had to meet with the media, a task that seems more and more ludicrous each time it happens (see: Bennett, Stetson).  

But we're not complaining, because it's already produced a pair of hilarious clips of McVay appearing to be held hostage as he answers questions from the media while appearing to be dead behind the eyes. First, there was this ending to a press conference, one McVay thought he was only going to have to answer three questions at. Three questions turned into 10, as is tradition. Here's what McVay thought of that: 

Soon after, McVay did a hit on NFL Network with Andrew Siciliano, who asked him if he had slept. Ummm... do you see his face, Andrew?

My God, those eyes. Those are the eyes of a man who is about to get hit with an unbearable hangover. But, like he said, it's worth the pain. Everything the Rams did up to this point on NFL Network was worth it. Hopefully, McVay is still in the process of a 24-hour nap.