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How many beers do we think Stetson Bennett had before this 'Good Morning America' interview?

Following Stetson Bennett's game-altering fourth quarter fumble in the National Championship Game, there's no doubt Georgia fans were experiencing the "oh God, it's happening again" feeling. It didn't help that Bennett, who was an ugly 0-2 against Alabama in his career, was struggling once again against the Crimson Tide's defense.

That's when Bulldogs offensive coordinator Todd Monken decided to let Bennett sling it, and sling it he did. On the very next drive, the former Georgia walk-on-turned-JUCO-transfer-turned-UGA-transfer-turned-backup-turned-starter went 3-for-3 for 68 yards and a touchdown, giving the Dawgs a slim 19-18 lead. After a quick three-and-out for Bama, Bennett led another UGA touchdown march, ending with a 15-yard touchdown catch by freshman tight end Brock Bowers. A pick six by defensive back Kelee Ringo on the ensuing Crimson Tide drive sealed the deal, giving Georgia a 33-18 win and completing Bennett's remarkable Cinderella story. 

What do you do after exorcising 41 years worth of demons? You celebrate, and you celebrate hard. The evidence of that was all over Bennett's face on Tuesday morning, when he pulled off his most impressive feat yet - he showed up for an interview on "Good Morning America," and his eyes and face screamed "I just had 19 beers and I really need to go to bed.":

Credit where credit is due, Bennett did not have to do this interview. But this man is enjoying every bit of attention he's getting, as he should. Maybe he makes a practice squad in the NFL or becomes a lifelong backup, but chances are this will be the shining moment of his life, and he's drinking it all in. Speaking of drinking it in, it might be time for a Pedialyte, Stetson. Or, just start drinking again. The four-day hangover will absolutely be worth it.