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European Tour winner has TWO sets of golf clubs lost by airline in 10 days

August 14, 2018

Thanks to social media, we've been alerted to a bunch of stories involving airlines losing or damaging golf clubs. In short, pros are just like us! It happens to the best of them.

But on Tuesday, 5-time European Tour winner Thorbjorn Olesen shared an especially woeful tale of travel. Apparently, TWO of his sets of golf clubs have been lost in the past 10 days!

Man, is that rough. Not to mention the five suitcases. As we saw from Tiger Woods last week, golfers needed all the shirts they could get their hands on while playing in the PGA Championship in St. Louis. And overcoming that type of adversity makes Olesen's T-56 at the season's final major seem a lot more impressive.

Good luck to Thorbjorn at this week's European Tour event. And at this rate, good luck on him having any golf clubs left by the end of the year.