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Pro golfer can't resist dig at airline after having his clubs broken

April 25, 2017

United Airlines' year from hell continues.

As anyone with an Internet connection knows, the airline forcibly removed a passenger from a flight earlier this month. The incident was filmed by a fellow passenger and immediately went viral. The month prior, United stopped two girls from boarding a flight due to the fact they were wearing leggings.

Now comes this tweet by five-time Tour winner Mat Goggin, who found that after landing and retrieving his bags that his clubs had been broken.

Warning for golfers who travel often: this picture is very graphic.

The 42-year-old Australian didn't stop at just tweeting out the photo though, he made sure to twist the knife with a little jab of his own.

We would advise Mat to lay low on this one. You can always get new golf clubs, what you don’t want is a concussion.