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English rugby team signs a guy named Harry Potter and, well, you get the joke

England is home to the best-worst sports names on earth. It’s like Key & Peele’s East-West Bowl only for white people dressed head-to-toe in tweed. There’s Robert Snodgrass, Danny Drinkwater, and Mason Mount and that’s just the Premier League. Then there’s rugby legends like Dickie Jeeps and Wavell Wakefield. Plus who could forget the almighty Windass?

If all of these sound like b-characters out of the magical wizarding world of Hogwarts, then this next one should ring a bell.

You’re a tiger, Harry! A+, 10-out-10 work from the Tigers' social media team, who may or may not have sanctioned The Boy Who Lived's signing this week purely for the jokes. And speaking of jokes, Rugby Twitter had plenty of them.

OK, we don’t think that last guy got it, which in it’s own way is even more impressive than the puns. Got any rooms to rent under that rock, mate?

There’s no word yet on where this leaves Potter’s promising quidditch career, but if we had survived avada kedavra twice, taken down the darkest of all dark wizards, and somehow gotten away with dating our best friend’s little sister for a couple of books, we would be looking for new challenge too.