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Eddie Pepperell pranks Matt Wallace with the media day from hell

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The prank video is one of modern culture's greatest contributions to art. Years from now, alien archaeologists will come across a DVD of Punk'd season two and hang it in their space museum alongside the Mona Lisa, but for now it's our turn to laugh thanks to Eddie Pepperell and the evil geniuses at the European Tour. Together the pair conspired to lead Matt Wallace through a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day ahead of the BMW International Open, and thankfully for sadistic SOBs like us, Wallace played the role of unwitting victim to perfection. Let the cringing commence.

The whole thing begins with a staple of the prank video genre—the unbearably awful driver—and only spirals downward from there, leading poor Matt through one excruciating social situation after the next as he attempts to do "promotional" work for the BMW International Open. There's a German voiceover session and a selfie-happy PR rep. Then a live spot on Golf Channel gets axed right as Wallace is told he may scratched a priceless vintage Beemer. As the repair team swarms in full hazmat suits, one removes his goggles revealing himself to be [drum roll please] Eddie Pepperell. The ruse, as well as Wallace's patience, are up.

"To know from Eddie that he set it up and wanted me specifically." Wallace told the camera after the reveal, "There's revenge. There's revenge involved somewhere down the line."

When said revenge does come, we can only hope the cameras are rolling, because despite fake hole-in-ones, rage-inducing caddies, and rubber snakes, we still can't get enough of this stuff.