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NFL player gets fooled by the ol' fake snake prank on golf course

March 28, 2017

The last 14 months have been a roller coaster ride for Brock Osweiler. He won a Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos and signed a four-year, $72 million contract -- $37 million guaranteed -- with the Houston Texans. On the opposite end of the spectrum, his play was so bad that he was benched in the midst of a playoff run, and the Texans had to attach a second-round pick to Osweiler just to trade him this offseason. Worse, he was sent to (gulp) the Cleveland Browns.

So it stands to reason that the 26-year-old Osweiler took to the golf course to find solace. Alas, instead of serenity, the gunslinger was fooled by the ol' fake snake prank:

Not a cool move, especially given Osweiler's proximity to wild thorns and cactus. Then again, Browns fans have to be pleased. They haven't had an offensive player move that fast in decades.