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Ed Orgeron has turned the age-old press conference into performance art

December 20, 2018
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A few weeks ago, we shared with you what we thought was the the zenith of Ed Orgeron press conferences. Stepping to the podium following LSU's shutout loss in the so-called "Game of the Century" (which turned out to be anything but), Orgeron began to babble and didn't stop, and before long even the poor saps down at closed captioning had twisted themselves into some crazy bayou madlib in an effort to keep up. The internet rejoiced:


Fast forward to December, and suddenly there's a new contender in the Coach O Talking Into a Microphone ring. On Wednesday, Orgeron took to the stage once more to discuss LSU's early Signing Day news...except he never quite got the chance. We'd try to explain this in words but, well, words aren't really Coach O's thing anyway:

This, along with Denny Green's "THEY ARE WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!" and Mike Gundy's "I'M A MAN, I'M FORTY!", is a true classic of the genre. This is Shakespeare and Friday Night Lights all rolled into one barely decipherable ball of hilarious named Ed Orgeron. Is he playing it up for effect? Are his twin marches to the field to yell at the players and coaches for kicking up a ruckus (as he would probably say) hammed up in the name of theater? Perhaps. Then again, this is a man who is still mystified that iPhones automatically update for Daylight Saving Time. Let's not assume anything.