Philly Gonna Philly

This screaming lady from Philadelphia just made the Eagles the most terrifying 5-6 team in NFL history

November 22, 2021

Less than a month ago, we all had ourselves a hearty laugh at first-year Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni, who went full Michael Scott while explaining one of the strangest analogies ever ahead of his team's massive road game against the Detroit Lions. At the time, Philly appeared to be a sinking ship at 2-5, making Sirianni's seat hotter than a two-dollar pistol.

Incredibly, since comparing his team to a flower, the Eagles are 3-1, their only loss coming at the hands of the now 6-4 L.A. Chargers. In the three victories, Philadelphia has scored at least 30 points per game, including Sunday's 40-29 win over the New Orleans Saints that wasn't even as close as the score made it appear. Cries of "run the damn ball" from Eagles fans have been answered, and the playcalling shift has compeltely turned their season around.  

The true turning point for the Birds may have come early in the fourth quarter of Sunday's home win. With the Eagles leading 33-19 and the game seemingly in hand, one angry Eagles fan was captured screaming her head off at the referees over a perceived poor call against Philly. We're not sure what the missed call was exactly, but it was bad enough for this lady to clearly yell "THAT'S F&%$ING BULLSH-T!" Here's the clip in all its glory:

Jalen Hurts' improvement, Miles Sanders back at full health, Devonta Smith looking like the receiver Philadelphia was promised, Sirianni possibly being an offensive guru, it all takes a backseat to this woman. THIS woman is the reason the Eagles just became the most terrifying 5-6 team in the league, and possibly the the league's history. When Philly fans are Phully engaged, they become an unbelievably frightening team to play in the winter months, especially in Philly. If they make a legitimate run the rest of the way, this lady's face will continue to be at the center of it all. 


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