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Self-Inflicted Damage

You won’t see a more grisly own goal than the one Red Wings goalie Alex Nedeljkovic scored on himself on Thursday

Nobody ever said being an NHL goaltender is easy. You strap on twenty pounds of pads and a mask you can’t see through and then you go out there and are expected to stop rubber discs being fired at you at well over 100 miles an hour. Oh, and when things go south, as they eventually, inevitably will, you’re going to get all the blame and will most likely get the hook, even if your parents are in from out of town and watching in the stands. It’s a tough gig.

That’s little solace for Red Wings goalie Alex Nedeljkovic on Friday morning, however, mere hours removed from scoring one of the most graphic own goals in NHL history. WARNING: The footage you are about to see may be disturbing to some viewers.


One more time?

Woof. Tough to watch, and we should know. We’ve watched it 100 times already. The puck is bouncing like a kangaroo on a trampoline. It’s on Nedeljkovic’s stick side. He should just let it go, but he decides to try to direct it back across the face of goal. He takes a mighty swipe. It’s 90% whiff. Unfortunately the other 10% glances the puck directly through his five hole and between the pipes. He didn’t even have to look back for confirmation. He knew it deep down in his soul.

Needless to say, if you have any extra thoughts and prayers you’re not using, spare a few for Nedeljkovic. Something tells us he’s going to need them.