Dark Horse

Masters 2023: British “golf expert” picks Matt Kuchar to win the Masters (he isn’t playing), produces all-time radio roast

Folks, it’s finally here. The 2023 Masters has arrived and there's 12 months worth of storylines to unpack. The LIV Golf guys are back. Tiger’s here. The 13th hole looks a lot different and the weather is going to be more St. Andrews than Augusta. So we get it if you’re struggling to keep up. Take heart, though. No matter how turned around you get this weekend, you won’t be as confused as talkSport “golf expert” Dean Saunders, who identified Matt Kuchar—who did not qualify for this year’s Masters—as his sneaky pick to win the green jacket on Thursday.

Hoo boy, Roast City, USA (or should we say UK?). On one hand you gotta feel for poor Deano, who gets flayed alive by the talkSport Breakfast crew after his gaffe. On the other hand, picking a guy who is actually playing this weekend seems like a pretty low bar to clear. To his credit he takes it on the chin with a quip and a laugh, even as he’s subjected to one of the greatest sports talk radio daggers we’ve heard since Mike and the Mad Dog’s heyday:

“What are some of your other predictions for the world of sport?” asks host Alan Brazil. “You fancy New Zealand to win The Ashes [an annual cricket series waged between England and the Australia], Phelps to win the London Marathon, Shamrock Rovers to do well in the Champions League and Sue Barker to win Wimbledon.”

Amazing (and impossibly British) stuff. Say, Deano, if you’re looking for a new dark horse this weekend, Rickie Fowler is looking good at 50-1.