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Dallas Mavericks file trademarks for Luka Doncic's, um, interesting nickname

January 02, 2019

Glenn James

Luka Doncic has been nothing short of a revelation as an NBA rookie, dazzling fans and opponents with an array of skills while displaying a penchant for coming up clutch. At 19, he's already the undisputed leader of the Dallas Mavericks, who are a surprising contender for a playoff spot in the brutal Western Conference. Well, the undisputed Mavs leader on the court, that is. Off the court, everything runs through team owner Mark Cuban. Including nicknames.

Trademarks have been filed for Doncic's nickname, but instead of being filed by Doncic himself, they've been filed by the Mavs. And it's "trademarks" plural because Doncic's nickname is "The Matador" and if that's your nickname, then you also need to claim "El Matador." Obviously.

Yes, that is interesting, Darren. Leave it up to a Shark Tank star to pull off a savvy business move, right? But as ESPN's Bomani Jones points out, the nickname itself is also interesting.

Doncic is known for his offense, but you never want to be known as a matador on the defensive end. Anyway, here's how Dallas star Dirk Nowitzki explains it:

“We’ve said from day one, he’s almost like a matador,” Nowitzki told Sports Illustrated earlier this season. “He loves playing off the crowd, loves to make spectacular plays.”

Let's see here. . .

Yep, checks out. The Matador it is.