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Crazy Ole Miss tailgate brawl is exactly what you think happens at an Ole Miss tailgate

September 10, 2018

Now that the Little League season is over, we've been forced to turn to other sources for hot dumbasses-fighting-in-public content. The Billie Jean King Tennis Center was a surprise contender this weekend, with Serena Williams nearly coming to blows with the umpire over either A. the lawful enforcement of clearly stated rules or the B. the greatest robbery in the history of sport, but when the dust settled and the cops showed up, it was this Ole Miss tailgate that went home with the bloodiest knuckles:

To say we're surprised would be a gross overstatement. Football and beer go together like lighters and bottle rockets. Throw some college students—and one of the most infamous tailgate cultures in American sports into the mix—and you've got a veritable d-bag petri dish. In the end these two idiots destroy a tent, a couple of coolers, each other's eyebrows, and whatever was left of our faith in humanity. Anyway, we're sure their parents must be proud of their independent, educated large adult sons.

Quick programming note: The Raiders play the late game on Monday Night Football tonight, so check back here Tuesday morning for full coverage of whatever stupid thing happened in the parking lot prior to kickoff.