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Cowboy construction workers prove trolling the Redskins is the most satisfying thing in sports

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If not for the rampant racism, persistent incompetence, and megalomaniacal bagel boss of an owner, we would almost feel bad for the Washington Redskins. No one likes the Redskins. The Redskins aren't good or relevant or even interestingly bad. They haven't been to the Super Bowl since Desert Storm, and the careers of their two best modern-era players ended in tragedy (Sean Taylor, not their fault) and injury (Robert Griffin 3, definitely their fault.) So if it feels like we're piling on, we apologize, but when the construction site located next to Redskins training camp happens to be teeming with an ornery pack of Cowboys fans, you're not not going to kick back, put your feet up and savor the stupidity:

LOL times infinity. This is the most Redskins thing ever, eternally doomed to be the fourth wheel in their self-righteously craptacular division, even when the Giants get relegated to Pop Warner and no one replaces them. Making matters even better is the fact the players weren't like, "Har har, very funny. Now let's get to work on becoming a better football team." Instead they literally considered going up there and fighting a bunch of hammer-wielding nail-pounders over a beach towel. Punter Tress Way said he even thought Colt McCoy might have thrown "a bullet" through the flag to knock it down, as if that's something McCoy's swollen dairy joints are even remotely capable of. Tress, you know less about football than Dan Snyder and that idiot who thought you were a quarterback.

To his credit, tackle Morgan Moses had a slightly more rational take, simply saying, "Haters gonna hate." Which is all fine and good ... until you realize that literally everyone hates the Washington Redskins.