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Dudes set up golf practice net in their dorm room, are living the college dream

January 23, 2024

When you’re in college, the main data point you need to worry about is your GPA. Not the balance in your bank account, definitely not your BAC and least of all your handicap. But don’t tell that to these fine young gentleman, who were fed up with their universities out-of-whack priorities and took matters into their own hands, setting up a practice net in their dorm room common area for the winter. Perhaps the kids will be alright after all ...

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We don’t know about book smarts, but these guys have street smarts to burn. They looked at a cookie-cutter dorm room and saw a pop-up driving range. By senior their fifth year, they’ll have full simulator setup in there. Imagine what that go-getter attitude might accomplish in the corporate world? Straight to the top. Sure, that GPA might dip a bit along the way, but so will their handicap, and that seems like a pretty good trade to us.