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Golfer 'giddy with excitement' over delivery of new clubs—oh, and baby girl—on same day

January 17, 2024

If you're a golfer, there's nothing like getting some shiny new clubs delivered to your front steps. The anticipation. The excitement. And, yes, the delusion that the contents of that box are finally going to turn you into a good player.

Not that that should keep you from buying new golf clubs. Or, at least, perusing what's available by checking out the Golf Digest Hot List. OK, go look for a few minutes and then come back. We'll wait.

Anyway, one golfer, Reddit user uprtbipedallcmtion, giddily let everyone know he got a new set of Mizuno irons in a post titled "TWO amazing deliveries today!" What's the other delivery? Oh, just a baby girl.

Got totally hooked on golf over the summer playing with some old irons that had been sitting in a friend’s garage. Ordered my first set of real irons right after Christmas—Mizuno 923 Hot Metal HLs. I’ve been giddy with excitement for them to arrive. They were supposed to be here last week, but the snow and blizzards delayed their delivery to today…

Along with my daughter! It’s been an awesome day!

Pretty awesome day, indeed. Although, it's hard to tell which delivery he's more excited about. Here's the post:

Aww, she's adorable. And we're sure the irons are nice, too. In the comments section, someone said, "You'll never forget your first Mizunos." To which our excited dad responded, "Thanks pretty life changing! I just hope I can slow time down and soak in all the little moments with them."

Well played. And go enjoy those new clubs. Just don't expect to have as much free time as you did before.