Married to the Game

Early frontrunner for Dad of the Year brings putting mat to hospital after wife delivers child

Of all the disruptions adult life throws at your golf game—work, marriage, budgeting, three-beer hangovers—nothing compares to having a child. It's a seismic event that changes not just the trajectory of your putting stroke but your life as a whole. One intrepid new father isn’t letting that stand between him and his short game, however, bringing a practice putting mat to his wife’s hospital room after the delivery of their child. This is true commitment.

Camo cargo shorts, backwards hat, “SHOOTAH!” finger guns after draining all three putts. Folks, we have a new leader in the Dad of the Year clubhouse.


Legend. From the looks of those blue balloons, this man will soon be passing down his putter prowess to his son. Here’s hoping junior one day does the same for his son, because the only thing more important than an airtight short game is family.