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Colin Cowherd delivers inside scoop that the MLB is banning the shift two months after the MLB banned the shift

November 03, 2022

Colin Cowherd always has a guy that knows a guy. He always has a source. They never have names, they never have faces—hell, most of the time they exist within the confines of his own imagination—but that doesn’t stop them from delivering scoops day-in, day-out. Take Thursday for example, when Cowherd dropped this nuclear bombshell much to the surprise of no one but his rapt and equally clueless peon. Buckle up for the breaking news folks.

If you’ve been following along, you already see the problem. If not, allows us to explain. It’s quite simple really:

The MLB confirmed that it voted to ban the shift for the 2023 season TWO MONTHS AGO! At the time of writing, it is Nov. 3. This was widely reported on Sept. 9.

Now not everyone can know everything at all times. The flow of information is ceaseless in the internet age. We all have blindspots. Stuff gets by us. It happens. The difference is Cowherd gets paid an estimated $6 million dollars a year to know about sports. Failing that, he should at least have sources that deliver more than just rumors about information that was already confirmed two months ago.

But if you didn’t know, now you do. Baseball won’t have the shift next season. Thanks for the hot tip, Colin.