Colin Cowherd actually expects us to believe that NFL GMs ask his opinion on USC players

In the pre social media days, hot-take artists could dish out sclading hot takes that went unchecked. Those days are long gone, as the likes of Mike Francesa, Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd have come to find out.

Cowherd is one of the more serial offenders, but, to his credit, he seemingly could not care less. People talking about his takes, some of them actually good and most pretty bad, is a victory for him. All pub is good pub is clearly his mantra.

The best course of action for us would be to stop giving him said pub, but that's never going to happen, especially when he makes insane claims like the one he made on Tuesday's show. Credit to sports radio Twitter cop Funhouse, as always, for pulling this gem:

We don't doubt that Cowherd is in contact with people "in the know." He's been doing this for a very long time and is likely well-respected by people who don't sit on Twitter 24/7 and see his absurd takes and opinions constantly. But it's a major leap to believe that general managers in the National Freaking Football League are saying "hey, Col, what do you think about this USC player?" because Cowherd... lives in California? Yeah, he follows USC, but so do a bunch of degenerates who bet on the West Coast games late night in the hopes of cutting their losses. I'm not calling myself an expert on the USC Trojans, though. 

And hey, maybe he knows guys on the USC staff, maybe he is somewhat close to the team, but it's still impossible to believe NFL GMs are genuinely asking for his opinion on NFL Draft matters. "Kid doesn't work hard, this kid gets hurt a lot, this kid, great kid, limited." What on earth? This one is right up there with Cowherd claiming Andy Reid texts him play designs:

Yep, one of of the greatest playcallers ever texts his designs to Cowherd, who also receives texts from GMs asking them for his opinion on USC players because he follows the program. All very believable things that definitely occurred.