Boo This Man

Angel Hernandez should not be a MLB umpire anymore, part 1 billion

Generally speaking, it's not a good thing when sports fans know the name of a certain referee or umpire by heart. You can take NFL head referees out of this mix, though, since they are always on TV announcing each penalty.

As for NBA and NHL refs, or MLB umpires, if we know your name it's almost a certainty that it's because you are awful at your job. The two key examples of this in baseball are Angel Hernandez and Joe West, the latter of whom is thrilled that the former screwed up his job royally on Tuesday night.

In L.A. for the Dodgers-Reds game, Angel was behind the dish, which almost always spells doom for both the pitcher and the batter. When Angel is calling balls and strikes, what's up is down and what's left is right, which makes for an absolutely mangled strike zone the entire night. A few samples that drew the ire of baseball Twitter on Tuesday are below: 

El oh El. As that one guy put it, he's literally just guessing out there. That or he is losing his eyesight, entirely possible as he closes in on 60 years of age: 

Sorry, we shouldn't poke fun at senior citizens, even if they are slow and dangerous behind the wheel

Anyway, this man should not be umpiring anymore, at least not behind the plate. Put him out in the field where his screwups are just as bad but at least they can review and overturn them. Wait, nope, they aren't overturning sh-t this season for some reason. Have a year, MLB!