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Cleveland DMV uses picture of LeBron James to keep people from smiling in their driver's license photos

Apparently you're not supposed to smile in your driver's license photo. Why? We have no idea. Probably because there's no reason to look happy when handing it to Officer Nutcrusher for doing 57 in a 50 on your way home from work on a Friday afternoon. For anyone who hasn't already found the DMV experience so debasing they may literally never smile again, however, one Cleveland location came up with a creative, if cold-blooded, solution. Check it out:

Look up "savage" in the dictionary. It's just a screengrab of this tweet. It's no secret that the Believeland faithful took LeBron's South Beach fling harder than his recent La La Landing, but this is still sadistic to an almost criminal degree.

Now we don't know who posted this and probably never will. Are they a long-distance Lakers fan? Have they adopted the Browns' laugh-to-keep-from-crying sense of humor? Do they just want to watch the world burn? TBD, but one thing is certain: When this sick puppy yells "NEXT!", you better have that paperwork done.