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Cincinnati set up a CFP “rage car” in the middle of campus for students to destroy

November 05, 2021

On Wednesday, we told you that Cincinnati was Big Mad at the College Football Playoff committee for ranking the undefeated Bearcats sixth in their inaugural CFP rankings of the season. Head coach Luke Fickell went on local radio and dusted off the classic “what do they know about football, they've never played” bit. AAC commissioner called it a “self-fulfilling prophecy” and a "P5 Invitational." Clearly some steam was building in Skyline Chiliville that needed to be let off, so the university did what any self-respecting institution of higher learning would:

They rolled a beater Hyundai onto campus, spraypainted “CFP” on it, and let the kids go hog wild.

Absolutely tremendous stuff from the Bearcats brass. Maybe writing CFP commissioner Gary Barta’s name on the trunk, indirectly encouraging students to beat his ass with a baseball bat, was a bit much, but as the psych department would surely tell you, rage rooms have their merits. Better to live out your violent fantasies as fantasies instead of realities, or so we’re told.

Also scrawled on the car was “Beat Tulsa,” the next victim up on the Bearcats’ hit list. And therein lies the problem. Tulsa are 3-5 on the season and ranked outside the top-100 in FBS, and a similar story could be told about the rest of the Bearcats’ opponents this season. If they find a way to channel the same anger that turned this unsuspecting car into scrap metal and rack up some beatdown points, however, maybe, just maybe, they have a chance.