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You can’t be more clueless than Chris Broussard saying the Bills lost on Monday night because "their starting left tackle Taylor Lewan got injured"

October 19, 2021

Chris Broussard. There’s a name you probably haven’t heard in awhile. In fact, we debated even doing this post because, well, does it even matter what Chris Broussard says, no matter how demonstrably wrong or self-assuredly uninformed? The jury remains out on that one, but what we do know is this:

Broussard ranting and raving about the Bills losing on Monday night because the left side of their line couldn’t get push on a crucial 4th-and-goal following the loss of Pro Bowl tackle Taylor Lewan—A TITANS PLAYER!!!—is the cringiest piece of sports TV you’ll see all week.

OK, so “first things first,” prayers up for Lewan, who went down with an apparent head injury late in the second quarter on Monday night. Diving on top of the pile, Lewan’s head tucked slightly as it struck a Bills players and suddenly his entire 6’7”, 315-pound body went limp, ragdolling onto the turf. It was a scary scene and you can easily find the footage if you want to, but the important thing is that Lewan was awake and alert as he was carted off the field and reportedly had movement in all his extremities.

Now that we have that addressed, HOLY HELL CHRIS WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? This is potentially worse than Stephen A. Smith anointing Washington Football Team punter Tress Way a starting NFL quarterback, and for a long, long time we thought that could never be topped. But that was then and this is now, the year 2021 CE, when being confidently stupid is not a flaw, but a personality type.

So yeah, that’s all that needs to be said about that. If you like what you see here, Colin Cowherd will be on in a couple of hours. Check your local listings.