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You're a Wizard, Harry

White Sox Cane Guy has become the unofficial mascot of the 2021 MLB playoffs

October 11, 2021

Down 2-0 and facing postseason elimination, on Sunday the Chicago White Sox pulled out all the stops. Starter Dylan Cease was pulled after just 1 2/3rds innings. Trailing the Astros 5-1 in the bottom of the third, Yasmani Grandal and Leury Garcia both went yard to break the game open. In the 4th, Grandal popped up again, hugging the grass on his way to first on a ground ball in order to (literally) block the throw home, allowing Luis Roberts to score. In summary, the White Sox met the Astros dark arts with some of their own, and lived to fight another day because of it.

None of the ethically blurry gamesmanship was more potent, however, than that of White Sox Cane Guy, who with one bewitching twirl of his staff, became the iconic figure of the 2021 MLB playoffs thus far. Take it away, you wizard.

Hell yeah, man. This is some Harry Potter sh*t. Wingardium Leviosa or whatever. One crow’s feather, two frog’s legs, a twist of Wolf’s bane, and a splash of Mountain Dew. Bang, there’s your recipe for a strikeout, and this warlock was brewing them up in spades on Sunday, as the Sox pen worked a tough 7 ⅓ innings.

The internet has already put out the call for Cane Guy to make an appearance at Game 4 on Monday, and you have to think the White Sox are going to extend the offer. After all, if you can’t beat the dark side, you may as well join it.