Yeah Baby!

Spanish announcer invokes Austin Powers for incredible Randy Arozarena home run call

After an incredible run last postseason, many expected Tampa Bay slugger Randy Arozarena to have an MVP-type season in 2021. The hype proved to be way too real for the 26-year-old outfielder, who did manage 20 homers but just 69 RBIs on the year.

The beauty of October, though, is that it can turn Arozarena into a playoff hero once again, thus making what he did in the regular season irrelevant. Through one game of the 2021 postseason, Arozarena is already back to his October of 2020 self, playing a key role in the Rays' 5-0 Game 1 drubbing of the Boston Red Sox. In the bottom of the fifth, after having already scored a run, Arozarena hit a moon shot to deep left, giving the Rays a 4-0 lead. 

Making the solo shot that much more electric was the Spanish call on Fox Deportes. Listen to this play-by-play man invoke "Austin Powers" for what could possibly be the greatest home run call your ears will ever hear:

A+++, obviously for the Austin Powers reference alone, but the way he says Arozaahhhhrenaaaa at the end is pretty sexual, too. Get this dude on the main broadcast. 

Later in the game, with Tampa looking for some insurance runs, Arozarena had the absolute GALL to steal home, and he did so successfully. Oh, yes, we are feeling very Randy baby:

This is one of those rare baseball plays that you could argue is more exciting than a big home run or a leg-it-out triple or a triple play, even. It never happens, and when it does it catches everyone so off guard that the only reaction is to lose your mind. It's the successful onside kick of baseball. What a night for Randy.