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Hopefully you didn't eat anything before seeing these closeups of Russell Wilson's finger

Between the double punt, two missed chip shots, a flukey pick and the fact Geno Smith played, Thursday night's Rams-Seahawks game had all the batsh-t craziness we've gome to expect out of a Seahawks game. Unfortunately, it also featured a nasty injury to Seattle's franchise player - Russell Wilson, hence Smith's insertion into the game. 

But this wasn't an injury of the season-ending variety, and Wilson even tried to play through it. It quickly became clear that he couldn't, because the injury was to his throwing hand, rendering him unable to do what he does best. Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald was at the center of it all, as is the case on just about every play. Watch as Wilson's hand smashes in to Donald's as Wilson follows through on a throw mid-way through the third quarter:

Ouch. You have to wonder, would Wilson trade this for just a plain old sack by the 6-foot-1, 285-pound mountain of a man that is Donald? Neither can feel good, but at least he can continue playing after the sack. This freak finger injury, though, is one that knocked him out of the game and could cause problems in the near future. Now at 2-3 on the season, that's the absolute last thing Seattle needed. 

Could he possibly gut it out? You tell me: 

Not ideal for a quarterback, some would say. With the Steelers, Saints, Packers and Cardinals all on Seattle's upcoming schedule, Wilson is their only chance at salvaging the season. The Seahawks defense is not winning them a game any time soon, and unless something has drastically changed with Geno Smith (it hasn't), he's not winning you many games either. This team was a collapse at home against the Titans from starting 2-0, and now they're in deep trouble. The NFL remains a cruel, cruel place.