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Sound Up

Chicago Bulls announcers Adam Amin and Stacey King delivered the greatest call of the NBA season on Thursday

Stacey King has been doing color commentary for the Chicago Bulls since 2006. He’s been around the block. He’s seen some sh*t. He’s watched the rise and fall of Derrick Rose and beared witness to the late-career bloom of DeMar DeRozan. Along the way he’s done his part, amassing a catalog of legendary calls, from “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DRAGIC!?” ...

… to the debut of his now-iconic catchphrase, “DO YOU KNOW HOW TO POST VIDEOS TO FACEBOOK?!”

On Thursday night, however, he delivered arguably his best work yet, punctuating this Zach LaVine poster against the Pelicans with another gleefully unhinged entry into his own hall of fame. Sound way the hell up.

The shouting, giggling, the very 2022 update to his signature soundbite. It’s all there and in fine vintage. But it’s not just King. Play-by-play partner Adam Amin also got in on the action, howling “ZACH LAVINE JUST SENT A MAN TO THE METAVERSE” as LaVine stepped to line for his and-one.

By the time hot mics cooled, the call had eclipsed the play in terms of absurdity and histrionics, but that’s not a critique. It’s a necessity. If you want to contend for the year’s best call in this league, then you have to put a little mustard on it.