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Cheating allegations and fists hurled as country club gents throw down

Ordinarily the post-round brew is a peaceful tonic, even if you just posted triple digits. It's a time to relax, recap, and rejoice in the camaraderie of man and/or woman. Sometimes, however, the beer turns sour, as it did for these fine, upstanding gentleman who turned a relaxing 19th-hole hangout into WWE Raw following allegations of the most serious clubhouse nature. Honestly we don't have much more context than what we've already provided, but it's two grown men beating the crap out of each other in a golf-y context, so we think you'll forgive us.

It probably goes without saying, but the fella in the gray trunks and flips flops defeats Mr. Boat Shoes by TKO, beginning his Heavyweight Asshat belt defense with a vicious head butt before putting his opponent through a window (expect a bill). He then quickly ends the bout by raining blows upon the very mug that moments ago was calling him a thief and a cheater and didn't care who knew it. Meanwhile, the true hero—the person with the camera, per usual—keeps things rolling despite the protestations of gray shorts associates who understand terms like "civil suit" and "evidence." Thank you, sir. The internet thanks you.

So what's the moral of the story in the end? Respect the Game™, don't cheat, and if you call out a dude for being a cheat, expect him to fight like one, even in the DMZ that is the local clubhouse. Oh, and next time someone tells you to respect your elders just because they're older, show them this.