Nothing says summer like a good ol' fashioned softball fight

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Welcome to Kingsport, Tennessee, where the sun is shinin', the grills are firin', and the parents are brawlin' at 12-and-under softball games while their children's screams drift across the outfield like a warm breeze. Needless to say, summer is finally here.

According to the Kingsport Times-News, the season arrived in full force on Saturday when about a dozen parents from two North Carolina softball teams got to whoopin' and hollerin' and even carryin' on, eventually coming to blows behind home plate. No injuries we're reported and no one was arrested, but both teams were disqualified from the tournament because, as we all know, kids should definitely be held accountable for their parents' behavior.

This one is a little bit tamer than the coach who recently tried to beat a former player's dad with an aluminum bat, but still, nothing like hearing pre-teen psychological wounds hardening into permanent scars in real time, amirite? All joking aside, however, these people can go ahead and walk off the edge of the Kyrie's flat earth. If this is how you're going to act in front of your children, do us all a favor and wear a condom next time.