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Chase Young is going to turn Dak Prescott into Cowboy tartare

Last month, we introduced our non-Big-Ten viewers to the backfield-destroying force of nature known as Chase Young. In that meet n’ greet, he lifted a million, jabillion pounds and flashed his quickness with some backyard sparring. What we didn’t see, however, were Young’s actual (and prodigious) pass rushing chops, but thankfully those needs, wants, and deep, longing desires were fulfilled on Wednesday in a series of eye-popping new workout videos. To the film room, Batman!

Grab a candle and let’s get the vigil going for Dak right now, because this makes the T-1000 look like your grandma’s microwave. Young is 6’5”, 265. People who are 6’5”, 265 aren’t supposed to have footwork like this. It’s the football gods’ great equalizer—small guys go zoom, big guys go boom—but somehow Young slipped through the cracks.

If this football thing doesn’t work out, Young might have a future in the Russian Ballet.

And speaking of this football thing, who knows what it will look like by the time we see Young on an actual NFL field. Will Dak Prescott still be a Cowboy? Will the Washington Redacteds still be the Washington Redacteds? Will the calendar still read 2020? All of this (and plenty more) remains to be seen, but after these latest clips, we’re not sure how much longer we can wait.