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Redskins Gatorade guy stirs Gatorade with a stack of cups, which explains everything

September 24, 2019

Everything you need to know about the Washington Redskins organization was on display for the world to see on Monday Night Football. They cannot do anything right, and it all starts at the top with owner Dan Snyder. In front of a half empty crowd at FedEx Field, the Skins got obliterated, and, as The Ringer's Kevin Clark pointed out in the tweet of the night, they aren't even trying to be this bad. They just are.

And yet two of the most embarrassing moments for the organization on Monday night came off the field. First up, the halftime ceremony for London Fletcher, a Redskins legend who gave everything he had to the franchise from 2007 to 2013. During that time Fletcher started in all 112 games, racking up 615 solo tackles, 37 of them for a loss, and 11.5 sacks. On Monday he was inducted into the Redskins Ring of Honor, and what should have been a special moment in his career turned into a joke because the Redskins couldn't even spell his name right:

This is, and I cannot stress this enough, an absolute embarrassment. Fletcher showed up every Sunday, gave all his body had for this stupid organization, and they can't even get his name right on the big screen. How stuff like this still happens is mind-boggling, but this is the Redskins, so it's not all that surprising.

Next up, the beginning of the third quarter, when the Redskins trailed 28-3 and MNF color commentator Booger McFarland tried to say something positive about the team. Best he could do was "will they fight for Jay Gruden in this second half?" While the camera focused on Gruden, the Redskins Gatorade guy could be seen behind him stirring the Gatorade....with a stack of Gatorade cups wrapped in plastic. You couldn't make it up if you tried:

This explains it all. The Washington Redskins cannot even stir Gatorade properly. Nothing says hydration like a plastic bag, am I right? Fire Dan Snyder into the sun, please. Actually, on second thought, I hope Snyder lives for eternity as a Giants fan. Keep the incompetence coming year after year.